Education in Emergencies

We are an ed-tech impact company creating solutions for organizations working with displaced children (10-18 years old). We deeply believe that every child has the right to education and that, in the case of displaced children, education is much more than just schooling.



Our app reflects on changes generated by the current turbulent times. It is designed for a variety of emergencies caused by wars, pandemics, and climate change. It offers a multilingual learning platform that enables educators to effectively reach learners in emergencies on a large scale while ensuring a high-quality user experience. It allows learners to study in their mother tongue and aids in their integration into host countries.



We have provided 10.000 students with online learning. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our learning experience platform was used by many primary and secondary schools in Slovakia.


We have launched School to Go, a live online educational platform dedicated to Ukrainian children fleeing conflict. To date, we have assisted more than 3.500 of those children displaced across 42 countries in continuing their daily education.

Other Emergencies

Our app is designed to support educators and learners across the globe, in any emergency context they may encounter.


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